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Welcome to Culinary Incubators Chef Experience!

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During the course of the Culinary Incubator Class you will learn how to turn your culinary idea from a thought, to a plan, to a full brand. For 8-weeks you will learn about rules, regulations, permits, license, branding, social media, business plans, taxes and more! The I.C.E Marketplace is your chance to take what you learned and showcase your business.

Incubator Chef Experience Details

August  7, 2019

E. Pat Larkins Community Center

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

The primary purpose(s) of the ICE Program event is to:

  • Showcase what you learned during our 8-week course

  • Expose city officials, community members, family & friends to your business and services

  • Provide a forum for community activities

  • Enhance the community as a whole


  • Participants of the Culinary Incubators 8-Week Course

  • Be a full-service food vendor (Baked Goods, Barbeque, Soul Food, etc)

  • Selling products that are handmade - One who creates with their own hands the products they offer for sale.

What You Will Need:

  • Business Name

  • Logo; Slogan

  • Food Product(s) To Sell (Non-Food items will not be accepted)

  • Promotion Displays (Banners, Table Tents, T-shirts, Packaging, Postcards, Etc)

  • Pricing and Pricing Displays

  • Way To Accept Funds (Square, Cash Box, etc)

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